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Web Design is a non-college prep elective that attempts to teach the basic skills necessary for a beginner in the field of website development. There are no prerequisites for this course. Students will cover the essentials of page design, content management, and site development. In addition to learning the operation of an HTML editor, students will be introduced to Photoshop, with an emphasis on the creation of images that are optimized for usage on the web.

M. Whitmore, teacher

In Class This Week:

Class Assignments

This section offers abbreviated descriptions of class activities and assignments for each particular week. Students & parents are encouraged to check this section regularly, as it is updated often.



Today we introduced the Hobbies Page. This is slightly more advanced than the Goals Page, with the addition of internal navigation and closer attention to page layout.


Today was a lab day that focused on the completion of the Hobbies Page.


Today we introduced the 5-page Web. This is even more advanced than the Hobbies Page. We have now added navigation to other pages and an even closer attention to page layout. We are also introducing a basic directory structure.

On-Line Grades

If you would like to monitor student progress, click on the following link for updated class grades: WEBGRADES. Once you are there, type in your password (first initial, last initial, ID#) and your current class grade should appear.

Class News & Reminders

This section's purpose is to describe the current unit we are covering. This area should also hold reminder notices of upcoming deadlines or activities that students should be prepared for.

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