Identify the two classmates whose good or bad fortune will be tied into the
success of failure of your work. These "inspectors" will assist you, when
necessary, to ensure that your product is of the highest quality possible.
Each senior will also be part of a larger consulting group that will evaluate
progress and advise on problems as they arise.
"A few hints":
  • Make sure to use your quality control partners since they are a great source
    of information.
  • If possible try to get more quality control partners than the two assigned to you.
  • Make sure to get involved in your quality control partner's project since at the
    end of the first semester your final will be an "audit report". This "audit report"
    will go something like an interview.  A panel of judges will ask you questions
    about one of your quality control partners.  The partner you will answer questions
     about will be decided by the flip of a coin so make sure to know about both
    projects.  Keep track of times you have met with your quality control partner
    and how you have helped them (that will impress the judges during your "audit").