Clearly describe your project in as simple terms as possible. Why does
this project truly need to be done? What kind of profit will your work
generate? What benefits will the community receive as a result of your
work? If this is a business plan, list the essential functions and goals of
the business. If this is a Business Solution, describe the essential problem
that you are attempting to solve.
"A few hints":
  • Unlike the mission statement where you must be brief here you are encouraged
    to go in depth.
  • One of the most important questions to ask yourself is "Does this project
    really need to be done
    ?" This question should be answered by a definite "yes"
    and have many reasons for why it should be done.
  • The main point of the whole paper is to "Describe the essential problem that
    you are attempting to solve
    ." So think of your project as the solution to a
    problem that you want to solve.