Welcome to the Senior Project
Answer Center!

     This Answer Center was developed as an aid to any and all CIBACS
students working toward completion of their Senior Projects. Built originally
as a website, this material has been optimized to run from a CD as well so
that students may be able to access helpful information even when an Internet
connection is not available.
     The navigation of this site is fairly simple. The sidebar can take the visitor
to each main division of the Answer Center. The
buttons, for instance, lead directly to respective subdivisions of the Senior
Plan and Senior Project. Press the
DEADLINES button to see when each
component of either the Plan or Project is due. The
SHOWCASE area is
filled with annotated examples of previous student work. These examples can
be extremely helpful in the latter stages of the Project. Press the
button if you would like to enter an Internet discussion with other seniors on
either The Plan or The Project. CD users must have an Internet connection to
access the FORUM feature.

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