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Spiral Notebook Table of Contents, 1st Qtr
Spiral Notebook Table of Contents, 2nd Qtr
Spiral Notebook Table of Contents, 3rd Qtr

Online textbook for Spanish 1

Learn Spanish
Realidades Review Page
Realidades Practice Page
Realidades Flash Card Sets

  PE Links

PE Why Study Spanish? Activity
PE Canciones de Hip Hop
PE Practice Spanish Names
PE Practice - Los números
PE Practice - El cuerpo
PE Practice - La sala de clases
PE Practice - El calendario
PE Practice - El tiempo
PE Test Preparation
Weather Report in Spanish

Video: Los números - numbers
Video: La hora - the time
Video: Masculine/feminine and singular/plural
Video: Days of the week, months, and the date
Video: Weather
Video: Months, and seasons
Video: ar verb conjugations
Video: pronouns nominative and objective
Video: ser conjugations
Video: definite and indefinite articles
Video: adjectives placement and agreement
Video: er/ir verb conjugations
Video: gustar and encantar
Video: Ir + a + infinitives and New Verbs
Video: Possessive Adjectives

1A Links

1A Vocabulary Practice
1A Vocabulary Practice 2
1A Practice with Infinitives
1A Practice with Negatives
1A Practice with Agreement/Disagreement
1A Internet Link Activity
1A Test Prep Review
1A Canción de Hip Hop


1B Links

1B Vocabulary Practice
1B Vocabulary Practice 2
1B Practice with Adjective Agreement
1B Practice with Articles
1B Practice with Adjective Placement
1B Internet Link Activity
1B Test Prep Review 


2A Links

2A Vocabulary Practice
2A Vocabulary Practice 2
2A Subject Pronouns Practice
2A Ar Verbs Practice
2A Test Preparation


2B Links

2B Vocabulary Practice
2B Vocabulary Practice 2
2B Practice with Estar
2B Practice with Plurals
2B Test Preparation


3A Links

3A Vocabulary Practice
3A Vocabulary Practice 2
3A Practice with Er/Ir
3A Practice with Gustar and Encantar
3A Test Preparation


3B Links

3B Vocabulary Practice
3B Vocabulary Practice 2
3B Plural Adjectives Practice
3B Practice with Ser
3B Test Preparation


4A Links

4A Vocabulary Practice
4A Vocabulary Practice 2
4A Practice with IR
4A Practice with Questions
4A Test Preparation


4B Links

4B Vocabulary Practice
4B Vocabulary Practice 2
4B Practice with Ir + a + infinitive
4B Practice with Jugar
4B Test Preparation


5A Links

5A Vocabulary Practice 1 and 2
5A Practice with Tener
5A Practice with Possessive Adjectives
5A Eres tú, María
5A Internet Link Activity
5A Test Preparation


5B Links

5B Vocabulary Practice
5B Vocabulary Practice 2
5B Practice with Venir
5B Practice with Ser and Estar
5B ¿Eres tú, María?
5B Internet Link Activity
5B Test Preparation


6A Links

6A Vocabulario Practice
6A Vocabulario Practice 2
6A Practice With Unequal Comparisons
6A Practice with Superlatives
6A Practice with o to ue verbs
6A ¿Eres tú, María?
6A Internet Link Activity
6A Test Preparation


6B Links

6B Vocabulario Practice 1
6B Vocabulario Practice 2
6B Practice Affirmative tú commands
6B Practice Present Progressive
6B ¿Eres tú, María?
6B Internet Link Activity
6B Test Preparation


7A Links

7A Vocabulario Practice 1
7A Vocabulario Practice 2
7A e to ie verbs
7A Demonstrative adjectives
7A ¿Eres tú, María?
7A Internet Link Activity
7A Test Preparation


7B Links

7B Vocabulario Practice 1
7B Vocabulario Practice 2
7B Regular -ar Preterito Verbs
7B -car and -gar Verbs
7B Direct Object Pronouns
7B ¿Eres tú, María?
7B Internet Link Activity
7B Test Preparation

English Links
Mr. Hayes' MLA formatting video

Guide to Citation Styles
Junior Online Textbook
Junior Journal Topics 1st qtr 2013
Junior Journal Topics 2nd qtr 2013

Turn it in.com
Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary, and Reference Help
Clickinks Printable Grammar and Writing Help
Guide to Writing Research Papers
Tips on Note Taking
How to Make an Outline
Résumé Templates for Word
Career Planning - Why you need good listening skills
Ezine Article - Listening Skills in Relationships
Works Cited Page Maker
MLA Citations Information
Works Cited Page Generator
Works Cited Page Generator 2
Mr. Hayes MLA Formatting Video
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Personality Test
Julius Caesar Complete Text
Links to Myths from Various Cultures
Guide to Grammar and Punctuation
Page of Aphorisms (Quotes) by Famous People - http://www.ag.wastholm.net/
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