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 Archived Lessons by Novel

Catcher in the Rye Handouts
Holden Caulfield Psych Analysis Prompt
Holden Caulfield Psych Analysis Prompt 2013
Catcher Psych Analysis Rubric 2011
Holden Sample Psych Analysis Essay 1
Holden Psych Analysis Sample Essay 2 
Catcher Close Reading
Samples of How to Use Quotes from Catcher
Catcher Study Questions 1-3
Catcher Study Questions 4-7
Catcher Study Questions 8-10
Catcher Study Questions 11-17
Catcher Study Questions 18-20
Catcher Study Questions 21-24 
Holden Caulfield Evaluation Education
Holden Caulfield Evaluation Relationships
Catcher Journal Questions
Psychological Disorder Research
The Graduate Film Evaluation
The Way We See Me Questionnaire
The Way We See Me Questions 

Cat's Cradle Handouts
Cat's Cradle Study Questions
Cat's Cradle List of Characters
Cat's Cradle Reader Response Questions
Nihilism Quotes
C.S. Lewis Bokononist Quote
Bokononism/Nihilism Journals
Cat's Cradle Satire Chart (excel)
Dictionary of Bokonon Terms
Cat's Cradle Research Essay Prompt
Cat's Cradle Vocabulary
Cat's Cradle Bokononism/Nihilism Essay Prompts 

CIBACS Handouts
Quality Control
Quality Control Checklist (Excel)

Work Sample Examples
Team Player Work Sample
Team Player Work Sample 2
Strong Leader Work Sample
Team Player Description
Well Rounded Description
Academic Description
Well Rounded Description
Athletic Pictures
Team Player Description
Enthusiastic Description
Imaginative Description

Resume Examples
Sample Résumé Amelia
Sample Résumé Jessica
Sample Résumé Megan
Sample Resume Mr. Bronkar

Cover Letter Examples
Heather Cover Letter
Monica Cover Letter
Kelly Cover Letter
Kara Cover Letter

Process Essay Handouts and Examples
Process Essay Prompt
Process Essay Rubric
Sample Process Research Paper
Sample Works Cited Page
Sample Process Research Paper 2
Sample Works Cited Page 2
Works Cited Page Maker

Product Description Prompt and Examples
Product Description
Sample Product Description
Sample Product Description 2

Internship Forms
Internship Information Form
Letter to Mentor from Mr. Bronkar
Interview Evaluation Form (completed on the first day of the internship)
Sample Questions to Ask Your Mentor
Confirmation of Hours Form (signed by mentor each time hours are completed)
Intern Evaluation Form (to be completed at end of internship)

Portfolio Samples and Handouts
Sample Letter to Judges
Online Portfolio Rubric
Online Portfolio Checklist
Portfolio Checklist
Portfolio Tabs Order
Product and Portfolio Rubric

FasTrak Handouts 
Sample Internship, Product, and Portfolio Questions
Sample Interview Questions
Judges Rubric Round 1
Judges Rubric Round 2
FasTrak First Round Sample Questions
FasTrak Second Round 2 Sample Interview Questions
FasTrak Day Overview
FasTrak Schedule, Round I (Presentations)
FasTrak Schedule, Round II (Group Interview)

Communications Handouts
Listening Skills 

The Crucible Handouts
The Crucible Study Questions
Sample Crucible Outline
The Crucible Mock Trial
Objections List
Arthur Miller Article on The Crucible Movie
Joseph McCarthy Excerpt
Superstitions About Witches
After the Salem Witch Hunts: Notes

East of Eden Handouts
East of Eden Essay Prompts
East of Eden Analysis Essay Rubric
East of Eden A Paper Rubric
East of Eden Key Quotes and pages
East of Eden Notes Sample
Character Values Inquiry Chart (pdf)
Character Values Inquiry Chart (Excel)
Journal: Golden Lines
Journal: Love Letters
Journal: Good Life
Journal: Adam's Blessing
Journal: Croesus
East of Eden Important Quotes
East of Eden Essay Prompt
East of Eden Sample Essay
East of Eden Journals
East of Eden Vocabulary List 1
East of Eden Vocabulary List 2
East of Eden Vocabulary List 3
East of Eden Vocabulary List 4
East of Eden Vocabulary List 5
East of Eden Vocabulary List 6
East of Eden Vocabulary List 7 

Essay Handouts
Essay Overview
Typical Essay Problems
Four Bases of Writing - Notes
Four Bases Peer Review
Essay Paragraph Organization
Using Quotes in Essays
Essay Thesis Statements
Essay Hooks
Rough Draft Essay Check Questions
MLA Formatting Template

General Handouts
Parent Letter
Class Expectations
Literary Periods Poster Assignment

Grammar Handouts

Grammar First Semester
Grammar: Fragments and Run ons

Grammar: Punctuating Quotations
Grammar: Commas
Grammar: Direct Quotations
Grammar: Split Quotations
Grammar: Nominative Case
Grammar: Objective Case
Grammar: Special Pronoun Problems/Who and Whom
Grammar: Agreement 1
Grammar: Agreement 2
Grammar: Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Grammar: Apostrophes Practice

Grammar: Apostrophes Placement
Grammar: Apostrophes Needed and Not
Grammar: Hyphens, Dashes, and Parenthesis
Grammar Final Subjects First Semester
Grammar Second Semester
Grammar: Verb Tense
Grammar: Verb Tense 2 - Avoiding Changes in Tense
Grammar: Verb Tense 3 - Verb Tense Test
Grammar: Parallel Structure
Grammar: Usage
Grammar: Dangling Modifiers
Grammar: Misplaced Modifiers
Grammar: Active and Passive Voice
Grammar: Troublesome Verbs: Lay/Lie, Sit/Set, Raise,Rise

Great Gatsby Handouts
Gatsby Study Questions
Gatsby Essay Prompt
Gatsby Essay Section Prewrite
Gatsby Brainstorm
Gatsby Guided Reading Questions
Gatsby Close Reading Model
Gatsby Character Exploration
Fitzgerald Character Description
Gatsby Scenes Not Seen Assignment
Gatsby Video Project
Rubric Missing Scenes
Analyzing Poetry Questions
Socratic Discussion Guidelines
From "The Manual" by Epictetus
"The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot
Gatsby Scenes Not Seen Assignment
Gatsby Newspaper Project
Gatsby Symbol Collage
Prufrock Poem Essay Prompt 

 Huck Finn Handouts
Huck Finn Journals
Huck Moral Growth Chart
Huck Racist or Abolitionist Chart
Article: "Getting Past Black and White"
Article: "Racism and Huckleberry Finn"
Huck Finn Essay Prompts
Huck Finn Kohlberg Essay Prompt
Huck Reading Comprehension Questions
Huck Sample Deception Essay
Huck Sample Deception Essay 2
Huck Sample Kohlberg Essay
Huck Sample Religion Essay
Huck Finn Thesis Statement Models

I Search Handouts
I Search Speech Sign Ups Per. 3
I Search Rubric
I Search Prompt
Autism Sample I Search
Memory Sample I Search
I Search Student Sample
I Search Student Sample 2
I Search Teacher Sample
I Search Response Form Part I
I Search Response Part II
I Search Self-Reflection Checklist 

Poetry Handouts
Junior Poetry Quiz Poems (2011)
Junior Poetry Quiz Poems (old list)
Poetry Terms Assignment
Personification Exercise
Imagery Words
Tone Adjectives
Analyzing Poetry Questions
Poetry Web Page 

The Scarlet Letter Handouts
Scarlet Letter Essay Prompt
Scarlet Letter Complete Vocabulary List
Scarlet Letter Motif Exploration
Storyboard Template
Sample Scarlet Letter Outline
Sample Scarlet Letter Essay
Non-conformity or Nature Assignment
Scarlet Letter Journal Assignment
Scarlet Letter Video Project
Scarlet Letter Quotes List, chapters 1-6
Scarlet Letter Quotes List, chapters 7-14
Scarlet Letter Quotes List, chapters 15-end

Vocabulary Handouts
Greek and Latin Roots Vocabulary List Junior Year
Greek and Latin Roots Vocabulary List Freshman Year
Greek and Latin Roots Vocabulary List Sophomore Year
Greek and Latin Roots Vocabulary List Senior Year

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