Our Goals

Our primary goal is to establish long-term relationships with a number of Orange County businesses. These partners make a significant investment of time for CIBACS students by helping to provide them with realistic training and mentoring. In return, they receive CIBACS graduates who are the best-prepared prospective employees in Orange County. Business Partners gain improved public relations and the knowledge that they are helping out--being a part of the solution.

There is development and growth for students into management positions as they progress through the program. Students can plan and run conferences, initiate correspondence, greet visitors, become peer teachers and tutors, and perform any number of tasks. This gives students an opportunity to gain important skills that will later be beneficial in the work place.

 Overall Mission:

  • To prepare students for tomorrow's high-tech international business environment.
  • To equip students with effective communication and technology skills.
  • To encourage creative, responsible, self-motivated students who are life-long learners

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