CIBACS Curriculum

CIBACS offers its students an enriched and integrated curriculum that is enhanced through competitive projects, job-shadowing, and internships with business partners. Whether they attend a community college or a university, receive technical training, or go directly into the work force, all CIBACS students receive four years of actual business experience unlike any other program in California.

 CIBACS Students

  • Have actual, on-site, hands-on experience in the workplace.
  • Are prepared to progress to advanced applications of technology.
  • Routinely use business application software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Access, interpret, and employ verbal, written, visual, nonverbal, and electronic sources of information.
  • Prepare a portfolio highlighting their skills and achievements.
  • Speak, write, listen effectively, and deliver persuasive presentations.
  • Present to a panel of judges a Senior Project with Business Plan which exhibits the culmination of four years of learning.
  • Work effectively in a team and are sensitive to the needs, problems, aspirations, and customs of other cultures.


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For more information about each year's project please select one of our four project centers.

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