Preparations Explanation

This year, CIBACS will involve finding out what the student's strengths and weaknesses are in relation to work. The student will prepare to sell his/her strengths on paper (in the form of a résumé) and in a job interview. There are three assignments to prepare the student before going to a workplace. These are the work samples, the résumé, and the cover letter.


Work Samples           Students brainstorm about their strengths

Due Date:

Preliminary Work Samples                     Wednesday, 9/3/14

Final Work Samples                                Friday, 9/12/14                          


Résumé                          Students create a professional résumé for work

Due Date:

Preliminary Résumé                                Thursday, 10/2/14

Final Résumé                                           Thursday, 10/9/14


Cover Letter             Students introduce themselves to mentors in writing

Due Date:

Preliminary Cover Letter                       Wednesday, 10/22/14

Final Cover Letter                                   Friday, 10/24/14